Winter is coming. Keep your baby warm

We have finally arrived at that time of year with bonny decorations, jolly songs and a cosy feeling. Even if it is a peaceful season, for you is the middle of chaos because you are worried about your newborn.

Here are some tips on how to keep your baby warm during winter:

Breathable fabric

Whether we talk about the bed covers or clothes, your baby can suffer from heat even during the cold season due to the temptation of folding her up in thick blankets. That is why you need to choose a soft blanket or a sack that can be zipped down.

If you choose to go outside, make sure a soft scarf protects your baby’s neck and mouth without suffocating her.

Easy to On/Off

Choose clothes like a snow suit since it is easy to take it off or put it on. Moreover, the slicker fabric protects the baby from humidity and frost.

Cover your baby’s hands with flexible mittens and put on warm socks and boots. Your baby needs to move even in cold weather, because movement decreases the chances of being cold.

Be careful not to overdress your baby because sweating in winter is as bad as being cold.


During winter, the body uses a lot of fuel, which can lead to dehydration. Make sure your baby drinks liquids such as water and milk.


A traditional way of enhancing the blood flow is massaging. Massage your baby’s legs and hands since extremities are exposed to cold quite often. This way your baby will have a better blood circulation and her body will be ready to fight against winter.