Welcoming the newborn to the family

You have already gotten used to that growing bulb in front of you. But at the thought of 9 months finale it is going to kick you from the outside, you start to panic. Worry not! That little spring of joy that you carry will be properly welcomed in the new life with our 5 tips.

1. Impulse control

First of all, try to control your shopping craving. The excitement of new items, cute and colourful and the variety of newborn products that seem to lure you… However, this time you need to be chary of spending money. The baby growth rate is quite rapid. In the first 6 months, your newborn may grow 1/2 – 1 inch per month and you don’t want to buy new clothes each month.

At the news of you expecting a baby, your closest friends and family already bought or plan to buy lots of toddler clothes, even bury you in borrowed items.

2. Prioritize

Keeping the new baby healthy is of most importance. Buy the right feeding products. While you are breastfeeding, you can acquire breastfeeding pump, nursing bra and feeding support pillow that can make the process less stressful for you, because less stress for mommy means a happier toddler. Also, sterilize the feeding bottle or any product that comes in contact with your baby since they are very sensitive to bacteria and viruses.

3. The Special Bag

Whether you buy a tote bag or borrow one, you need this for the most necessary items that will follow you and your baby everywhere… just everywhere. It should contain: diapers, baby blankets, plastic bag for used diapers, towel, and baby wipers. If you plan to travel with your baby in a car, buy a baby car seat or borrow one.

4. Dreamland

Prepare the sleeping place for your baby. Buy or ask the people around the house to help you build a crib according to the safety standards. If you are short on money, just make sure that the sleeping place for your baby is going to be safe, comfortable and secure since they tend to roll over and move a lot. You need to make sure the baby will not end up with a pillow or blanket over his face.

5. Be there

Your baby needs to feel you close. Talk to him, play with him (in a gentle way). When he is crying, do not hesitate to take him into your arms and soothe his pain. Do not believe the saying that being next to your child will make him „soft”, a baby’s primal need is his parents’ affection.

Have a joyful baby experience!