Week 15 of Pregnancy

Eyebrows, hiccups and kicking are the most exciting developments of your baby at week 15 of pregnancy. Your symptoms are now changing by the day, with stuffy nose, swollen feet and bleeding gums as the most problematic symptoms at this stage. On the bright side, you will feel a stronger bond with your baby and become more conscious of the important changes ahead of you.

Baby developments at week 15

Your baby is now about the size of an orange, weighting around 2.5 ounces. Ears have most likely formed by now, so you may begin to have your chats and listen to music together. Squirming, hiccups and kicking are quite common at this stage, though you might not feel any of these yet. Eyes are still shut, but your baby can already sense light. Taste buds are forming, so she will soon be able to taste as well.

The genitals might be formed already, but we advise waiting at least until week 17 for a gender scan. Your baby’s body is becoming longer, especially the legs, and the proportion between body size and head size is more harmonious.

How your days are changing at week 15

You might notice around this time that your shoe size has increased. That is due to the levels of progesterone in your body. By the time of birth, your shoe size might increase by up to one size. Wear your most comfortable and stretchy shoes to avoid feet swelling. It’s also time to shop for maternity wear as your breasts and tummy will continue to increase. Other pregnancy hormones may lead to over-sensitive teeth and gums, in some cases even to bleeding. In the second trimester, blood flow to the mucous membranes is increased, so you might have a stuffy nose these days and sometimes even nose bleeding.

During this week, avoid gas-inducing foods, fried meals and large meals. Keep an eye on your weight gain. You should gain about one pound every week and have a meal schedule with five or six small meals a day plus fruits, smoothies and other healthy snacks in-between meals.

Ultrasounds at week 15

You can already book an appointment for next week to have a Growth Scan. The sonographer will check the growth rate and other measurements of your baby. Confirmation that everything is normal after your Growth Scan means that the risk of miscarriage drops below 1%.