Top gift ideas for pregnant women

Buying a present for your pregnant friend can be tricky. Pregnant women do have extra needs, yet they are also more sensitive to the messages that some gifts could send, so don’t make it about her body size or morning sickness. We’ve selected a few cool ideas.

Comforting gifts

A body care basket

Massage oils, bath oils, bath salts, moisturizers and body lotions should all be welcome. Go with products based on almond oils or other ingredients that help prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Pick natural products over luxurious ones. The basket should look like a safe and comforting treat.

A chocolate and fruit basket

Fruits have vitamins, so they’re good for the baby and for the mum. Try to find out her favourite fruits and nuts and include them all in pretty packaging. Just remember to add the delicious treat that will truly spoil her (hint: chocolate).

A day to the Spa centre

Who wouldn’t love a spoil like that? Many pregnant women have back aches and symptoms of tiredness, so a gift voucher to her favourite Spa would be appreciated and enjoyed. This gift will relax her as well as offer relief.


Plush toys with pregnant themes

If she’s into the cute stuffed toys, find out her favourite types and buy one that has a cute and relevant message. Such popular toys usually have a reference to the baby on board in their message. Try to find a unique one or personalize it if possible. Plush toys are after all pretty common for a gift and you don’t want it to say “I didn’t have time to look for a present, so I just grabbed this from a shop on my way here”.

Picture frames for the baby

Fresh parents generally make a lot of photos when their babies are born, and some of these photos will be framed to fill the house with precious memories of these magic moments. Buy a cute frame for the baby photo or for the ultrasound photos. The fridge is also a popular spot to place baby scan photos, so a cute magnet could also be appreciated.

A baby book

Baby albums have become very popular nowadays, so check first whether your pregnant friend has one already or not. These can be used as early as your friend gets photos and reports from the first ultrasound scan. If the gender is unknown yet, pick an album with a neutral colour. Go for the ones that can be customized easily and that have designated pages to record events and milestones in the first years of life.


Maternity clothes

Switching the wardrobe can be tough for many pregnant women. Make sure you pick nice and comfy clothes that suit her style and expand to future sizes.

Premium scan gift vouchers

Our 4D Premium Package is the most popular scan given as a gift. It’s a thoughtful gift to surprise your friend with and the extras of this package have given many expecting mums precious memories to keep for a lifetime.

Car stickers

If your pregnant friend drives a car, here’s an inexpensive and very useful gift: a car sticker for the driver side window asking drivers that park nearby to leave room for the pregnant driver to open the door.  Every pregnant driver needs one. It’s impossible to get out of the car when you’re 6 months pregnant and someone parked too close to you.