The Benefits of a Well-Being Scan during Late Pregnancy

The Well Being scan is an ultrasound carried out in the third trimester of pregnancy to check the well-being of your baby after 24 weeks. During this scan, the sonographer will take several measurements of your baby and check the position of the placenta as well as the amount of amniotic fluid. It is quite similar to the Growth Scan, only the focus of this scan is to check if everything is in order for the approach of the labour moment.

What happens during the Well-Being scan?

The baby’s development is assessed by measuring:

  • the head circumference
  • the circumference of the abdomen
  • the legs (the length of the femur)

In addition to the baby’s measurements, the baby’s position in the womb, the position of the placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid present will be assessed by the sonographer. Several other details are observed and reported, such as breathing movements and umbilical artery blood flows using a Doppler test.

At the end of the scan, all measurements and observations will be included in a report of the scan, which can be used for reference in follow-up appointments or when going into labour. Follow-up appointments are only necessary in case any problem is detected or suspected.

How do I prepare for a Well-Being scan?

There are no requirements prior to taking a well-being scan. You should eat and drink as normal on the day of your scan appointment. Having a full bladder before the scan is not necessary. It is recommended to wear loose clothes, as the sonographer will need to position and move the ultrasound probe along your abdomen. The most important thing is to feel comfortable during the appointment.

When can I take the Well Being scan?

Any time from the 25th week of pregnancy to the final stages of pregnancy up until week 36 is a suitable time for taking a well-being scan. While growth scans are recommended at different points in time to check the evolution of measurements, this is not the case with the well-being scan. If you had a growth scan during your second trimester, bring the report with you at the wellbeing scan. This will help the sonographer to better assess the development of your baby and the transition from mid pregnancy to late pregnancy.