The Beginning

Once the pregnancy test turns positive, you feel that you’re being overwhelmed by strange emotions, electrifying thoughts and hundreds of questions, as if all these are announcing a new exciting period in your life.
Today we have chosen one of the millions of questions that are puzzling you:

How does everything start?

It takes over 10 hours for the sperm to make the entire journey through the fallopian tubes to the ovum which waits to be impregnated. The meeting of these two cells is actually the beginning, the moment when the magic starts.
The impregnation process involves the blending of the sperm’s and ovum’s nuclei. During the first two pregnancy weeks, the impregnated ovum or the zygote divides into more cells, and, at this point, the future baby is just a cluster of cells which shall soon turn into a blastocyst. The outer part of the blastocyst shall become the placenta while the inner part shall evolve into an embryo.
If the ovary releases more ova and if all ova are impregnated, then more zygotes shall be formed. Every zygote has two pairs of 23 chromosomes (one set of 23 chromosomes are inherited from the mother and the other set is inherited from the father). These chromosomes determine the baby’s sex, skin color, hair color, eyes color, height, etc. The zygotes with an ordinary number of chromosomes represent the state of euploidy. However, there are some cases when the number of chromosomes exceeds 46, and, in our next articles we shall approach this aspect.
In order to follow the evolution of your baby, please read the column “Week by week”.