Preparing your home for new baby

Guided by her deeply-rooted maternal instinct, every mum-to-be or first-time mum will feel the need to make the best preparations for the arrival of the newest member of the family. Every mum’s dream is to arrange a loving, caring and comforting environment for her baby. So is your dream too!

What kind of colours should I pick? What is the best nursery furniture? How many clothes and what sizes should I buy? Should I buy this toy? Is this crib too small? How should I decorate this room? So many questions, so many ideas … As you see, preparing for a new arrival can be overwhelming – especially for the first-time parents! Therefore, it is advisable to start preparing before you come home with your newborn baby. Don’t start everything by yourself! Ask your partner, your friends and family to help you! You’ll be surprised to find out that they’ll be pleased to assist you in your preparations!

The first thing you should do is to paint the baby’s room, not only to avoid the risks of infections or diseases caused by potential pathogen agents, dampness or mould but also to create a fresh, comforting and fun environment. Using only eco-friendly paints in your baby’s nursery is a must!

Start with the basics like a crib, rocking chair, changing table, diaper pail, diaper shelves, pram and dresser where you can deposit the baby’s clothes. Don’t forget about a good baby care book, diapers and breast and bottle feeding essentials, such as feeding equipments (bottles, sterilizers, and formula), breast pump, breast pads and a special feeding pillow.

As for the decorations and toys, let your imagination go wild! Keep in mind that babies love warm, bright colours (however, when choosing a colour, consider the baby’s gender). We advise you to read our articles for more ideas and information on this theme. You can buy stuffed toys, a CD player and CD-s with soothing classical music and lullabies to help your baby fall asleep, and fun music you can both sing along to during playtime.

This is it! Few steps to follow and your baby has his/her nursery ready, waiting for him/her to come and fill it up with joy, love and smiles.