Pick a Baby Name That Passes These Tests

Have you decided on a baby name yet? Run it through these tests to check that it is bullyproofed and that it will suit your child for a lifetime. If the name you picked doesn’t pass all the tests though, don’t worry. A truly beautiful name will overcome all the jokes.

The name sounds good in daily-life phrases

Try and say the name out loud in common phrases. Let’s try it with Iris:

“Hi, Iris!”

“How is Iris?”

“Iris’s mom is awesome.”

“I admire Iris.”

“Pick Iris, Iris is the best player.”

“Will you introduce Iris to my friend?”

“Can Iris come with us too?”

“I’m going to marry Iris.”

By testing how the name sounds in common phrases, you can avoid cacophonies and unwanted sounds. For instance, names ending in -co or -ca may sound unpleasant when followed by words that begin with the same sounds (“Monica can’t hear me”). Names ending with an “s” sound – like Iris, Alex or Alice – have a longer pronunciation in the possessive form.

The spelling of the name is simple

Countless of hours are being wasted every day to clarify difficult name spellings over the phone. It can get very irritating for people with unusually spelled names to keep correcting phone operators and receptionists (“No, no, it’s K-A-T-E-L-Y-N-N with K and double N”). The safest option is to pick a name that has only one spelling and is easy to understand.

It’s not one of the 10 most common British names

More than 7000 boys born in 2013 were named Harry. Chances are the little Harry will have two other Harrys as classmates several years later. It’s easier for kids to learn they have a unique identity when their name is not shared with others around them.

The name is fit for an adult

Sammy is a very sweet name for a little boy, but do try to think about the name’s resonance for an adult. Names that are just too cute may be annoying for your kids when they grow up.

The name is bullyproofed

Don’t pick a name that rhymes with something funny or shameful. Mean kids will find it. Use a rhyming dictionary like Rhymer.com to find all the words with the same ending syllable.

The resulting initials are not BAD

Unfortunate initials like LOL, ASS, KKK, DIE or WTF are out. If you’re really fond of a name, you can change the middle name or choose not to give your child a middle name at all.

Hopefully, this post has given you an idea of the factors to look out for when choosing a name for your baby. It can be difficult to find a safe, yet interesting name, but your efforts will pay up – for a lifetime.