The Perfect Nanny

Mary Poppins, Robin Williams cross-dressing, Fran – famous examples of excellent nannies that we all picture when it comes to choosing the right nanny for our children. However, beyond fiction, finding the right person to take care of your children is a more delicate issue.

There are 6 steps you have to take in order to make sure you have found the perfect nanny.

1. Prioritize

Discuss with your partner or decide yourself what expectancies you have regarding the nanny. Think of what type of person you want her to be and what training or skills she should have. Also, consider what she can teach your children, for example a new language. Think of the gender of the nanny, if it matters for the harmony of the family. Moreover, set a right wage for the requirements you have for the nanny.

2. Spread the word

As soon as you decide on the profile of the nanny, let people know that you are looking for one. Talk with friends and family, maybe they know someone that is looking for this kind of job. It is always better to have a personal reference for the nanny.

Go to local baby-sitting centres or agencies and let them know the profile of the nanny so they can search one for you.

Also, go on the web and let the virtual world know you are in search of a nanny.

3. Interview

Let us say you found a couple of applicants. It is time to invite them to an interview. Best place is your home when the children are around. This way you can observe the nanny’s attitude while interacting with children and you on your territory.

Include in the interview questions about the experience of the nanny with children, his or her method of baby-sitting, behaviour towards ill children and availability. Also, ask the applicants about first aid training or any medical training that can come in hand.

Since the nanny job is full of responsibilities and implies communicating with children, make sure you choose a person that is not half-hearted towards the idea.

4. Ask for references

Narrow down the nanny list and look for references for the chosen names. Talk with former employers about the strengths and weaknesses of the baby-sitter.

5. Trial-run

Ask the applicants that survived so far to come for a couple of days in a trial run. Be there for the trials and observe the interaction the nanny has with your child and the general behaviour. You have to be exigent because your child will be exposed to a stranger. Use this trial for as much time as you need to make sure you have found the right person.

6. Intuition

Once you have witnessed the trials, what do your guts say? If you feel unsure about someone or that person gives you a peculiar feeling, you are not obliged to hire the nanny. Trust in your intuition and your child’s opinion to make the best choice for the perfect nanny.