Organize Your Pregnancy Pictures and Memories

Do you keep all of your baby scan images in an envelope or do you plan to get crafty and create a baby album scrapbook? Here are some cute and practical ways to organize scan images, videos, photos of your bump and other memorable items.

Have a digital backup

Before you put your ultrasound images on the fridge and spread them around the house, make a backup for each picture. Whether you decide to share them online or not, you still need a cloud folder where all your pregnancy images – even the baby scan images – are stored digitally. This is to ensure that your precious memories are safe in case the actual images get lost or deteriorate. If you order a 4D scan or an HD scan from our clinic, you will also receive a DVD video recording. We advise you to copy that in your cloud album as well. Having all your files in a digital format also means that you can easily share them with your friends and family online. Even your ultrasound video can be uploaded privately on YouTube and shared with those you send the link to.

Use a software tool to organize your media

Tools like Picasa are great to help your organize your pictures by categories, labels and date. If you prefer to relive your pregnancy memories on your laptop, there are plenty of free software tools out there to create beautiful and well organized albums.

Create a baby album

Buy a baby album to arrange your pregnancy photos and baby scan images in an orderly timeline. If you’re the crafty type, you will have fun creating a baby album scrapbook where you can include all images as well as hand-made decorations from paper. You can also add cards and notes from your partner or from your friends, quotes, measurements of the baby in womb and any other items or information that relate to your pregnancy. These will be treasured every time you look through the baby album.

Frame the highlights

Pick the best pictures and the most precious memories from your pregnancy and frame them to have them displayed in your home. Digital frames are a great choice if you decide there are just too many pictures you want to see again every day. A tip for those of you who use digital frames: have one frame dedicated to the growth evolution of your baby in womb and order the baby scan images by date.