10 interesting facts about babies

Science develops fast, but there are still many curiosities that we do not know about babies. A peculiar matter is the tight bond that forms between mother and child, a bond that science fails to explain. Miracles are all around babies.

Let’s look at 10 of the most interesting facts about babies.

1. A few days of birth and your baby can tell the difference between various fibres.

2. In general, newborns turn their heads more to the right than to the left.

3. The newborn is urinating once at 20 minutes, then once in 6 hours.

4. Once at 3 seconds a baby is born in the world.

5. Some of the premature born babies are Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Great minds seem to be hasty.

6. The baby has kneecaps that are not visible on X-rays during pregnancy.

7. The baby’s head is about 25% of the general weight.

8. Baby boys are generally heavier than baby girls.

9. Babies have around 10,000 taste buds, much more than adults, but they disappear in time.

10. Usually, newborns tend to sleep about 16 hours per day though not continuously.

Enjoy your experience as a new parent. It doesn’t hurt to give in to your inner child from time to time, especially since your baby needs a play comrade. Rejoice because you were a tiny miracle too.