How to Throw a Baby Shower

Congratulations on throwing a baby shower! There’s no strict etiquette regarding baby shower parties, so you’ll have the freedom to organize it the way you want it to be. Before your start your to do list for the awesome baby party, here are the most important aspects to consider.

Who should throw the baby shower?

Usually baby shower parties are thrown by a close friend or by several friends. The organizer handles invitations, decorations, catering and the planning of games. It does not have to be a surprise party and most often the parents want to be involved in the party planning.

When to throw the baby shower

There is no rule for this either. Many moms prefer to have the party in their final weeks of pregnancy, because the moment of birth is closer and it feels right to celebrate as close as possible to the big event. Also, it’s more likely that the baby’s sex is known by the third trimester, so guest will be less clueless on what presents to choose. It’s also nice to throw the party after the baby is born: everyone will be joyful and happy to see the baby.

What location to pick for the baby shower

Usually the baby shower takes place at the mum’s house or at one of her close friends’ house. Only close friends are invited to the baby showers, so the intimacy of a home is preferred. When there is not enough room for the number of guests, it can also be held at a restaurant. Just make sure the place is private enough for everyone to feel comfortable and up for playing games.

Baby shower invitations

You can send the invitations by e-mail, post, or by handing them directly to the guests. Don’t create a Facebook event where you invite everyone. Not all will see the notification and every guest deserves a proper invite. The invitation should state the basic information: date, place, who is organizing, RSVP info and the baby shower theme.

What to do at a baby shower

Picking a theme for the baby shower will make everything more fun and get the guests excited about the party. Usually some food and drink is served. Restaurant parties with many guests will feel more formal, while some prefer a casual buffet at home. Just make sure there will be a cake, too.

There are plenty of ideas for baby shower games to keep everyone entertained, yet they’re not a must. Other activities can be planned instead, such as decorating a baby book or baby clothes.

It’s custom to give a favour to every guest at the end of the party, something small to take away and remember the lovely party.  It’s usually a goodie bag or something related to the theme of the party or to babies and it should not be an expensive gift.