How to Know If You Are Pregnant

Most women learn if they are pregnant or not in the first two months since conception. Pregnancy home tests and blood tests are not 100% reliable and an ultrasound won’t tell you much in the first month. Ultrasounds can check for pregnancy in the second month of pregnancy, but in some situations only a viability scan in the seventh week will accurately confirm your pregnancy.

The home pregnancy test

Home pregnancy tests detect if your urine contains hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone. This is produced after conception and fertilization, although elevated levels of hCG can also be produced by a cancerous tumour.

Home pregnancy tests are easy to take and read in the privacy of your home, which is very convenient. Most women take this test a few days after noticing a missed period – which is another first sign of being pregnant.  You can take the test earlier if you know that it’s possible to be pregnant, but the test will be less accurate.

The accuracy of urine pregnancy tests is about 97% if the test is taken correctly. Follow the instructions inside the package and take the test in the morning – that is when the urine is most concentrated.

After taking the test, schedule an appointment with your doctor for confirmation of pregnancy through more sensitive tests.

The blood test

Blood tests are more accurate than urine tests and are performed at a clinic. You will not get the results right away. Only schedule an appointment for a blood test if a least a week from a missed period has passed. After this week, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re pregnant, so you are ready to take further tests. Pregnancy tests – both urine and blood tests – are much more accurate after that week.

The Early Pregnancy Scan

Also called a Viability scan, this is an ultrasound carried at weeks 7-11. The sonographer can detect pregnancy earlier than that, but sometimes the scans are not clear before week seven. The nicest thing about the Early Pregnancy scan is the picture. At our clinic, you will get two printed images from this scan, to take away and share with your close ones.

Your doctor will also calculate you EDD (estimated due date) at this appointment and check for twin pregnancy. For clear results, drink a pint of water and do not empty your bladder in the hour before your scan appointment.