How to get rid of muscle cramps during your pregnancy?


Muscle cramps occurring during the first months of pregnancy are perfectly normal and are not usually accompanied by any other discomforts.

As the baby develops, your belly grows and implicitly your muscle and ligaments stretch and prepare to support your swift developing baby.

You may experience cramps and spasm mostly on your right side because, as your baby grows, your uterus tends to tilt to the right. Therefore, don’t worry! Keep in mind that carrying a baby puts a lot of pressure on your entire body, and it’s hardly surprising if you’re experiencing these uncomfortable cramps!  There are several ways to get rid of these annoying spasms and cramps.

If you’re feeling that the pain is about to come, just sit comfortable on a chair and raise your legs (this may be actually very helpful) or lie on the bed on the opposite side. Relax, take a warm shower and place a hot water bottle or something warm next to the painful spot. You can also ask your partner or a friend to give you a light massage.

Eventually, these pains may be tolerated well if you clearly understand the reason they occur. Briefly, as your baby grows, it needs more room to move. However, if the pains persist, we advise you to make an appointment to our clinic to see if your pregnancy is evolving properly.

Usually, the more severe pains have other causes and are typically accompanies by a series of other symptoms, such as fever, shivers, nausea or general weakness.