How to announce your pregnancy


The day when you find out you’re pregnant is probably one of the happiest moment in your life, especially if you have been expecting this to happen for some time. Now your life will definitely change. But is it just yours? No, also the lives of those around you, especially your loved ones are to be changed. A baby should bring joy and happiness to all.

The first person you should announce is your partner, because he is the closest person to you and this wonderful news is to definitely affect his entire life. It is possible that, if you have tried for some time to conceive, he will rather be very happy than surprised. Nevertheless, if the pregnancy has not been planned, be confident, make sure you give him the news naturally, and, at the same time, tell him that this change can be good for both of you, because your family will increase and the little baby yet to come will bring you closer.

I have heard so many ingenious ways and ideas on how to tell him the great news but at this very moment, the only examples that come into my mind are the funny ways of printing the message “You will be a daddy!” on his favourite T-shirt th or on his coffee mug he uses for his morning coffee. Also, can you customize a photo of this message and save it on the computer’s desktop or you can print it and put it next to the alarm clock, to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up. Whatever you do, make sure you will be present, because you do not want to lose his ecstatic reaction when he finds out.

The very next persons you should inform are your parents, because they are to become the grandparents of the baby that is now growing healthy in your womb. To give them the news properly, it would be good to think about some things first. Your age is, for example, one important factor you should consider when telling them the great news. If you are already an adult and they somehow expect this to happen naturally, telling that they are to be grandparents shouldn’t be problem. Be inventive and make them their own customized message! However, if you’re younger and they do not expect it, then it’s better to be more careful and try to explain this is what you want and that you are ready to become a mother.

If you want to share this wonderful news with your friends and relatives, you can simply do it by posting a funny message on a social networking site or you can invite them all to a family meeting. An interesting idea which however requires our help is to have a ultrasound scan done before sharing the news, to multiply the image and send it together with an emotional message introducing the new member of your family. Therefore, you are more than welcome in our London clinic to have your first baby scan done and share this fantastic news with us!

What do you think about these ideas ? How do you plan to tell the world your wonderful news? We are waiting for your suggestions.