How should I prepare for my gender scan?

By the 16th week of pregnancy, you may probably want to know the gender of your future child. The best choice is to have a gender scan. This ultrasound scan is able not only to give you a 95% accurate answer to your question but also to render essential information on the health and proper development of your baby.

We want to be your reliable companion in this wonderful and exciting journey and therefore we thought that several recommendations might be useful for your preparation for having a gender scan.

Drinking water is an essential requirement during your pregnancy. Therefore, we advise you to drink as much liquids as possible, every day starting the week before your gender ultrasound as well as about 20 minutes prior to the scan. The amount of water you have drunk increases both the quantity of the amniotic fluid, leading to an enhanced quality of the images displayed on the screen, and the proper operation of the ultrasound waves.

At the same time, we recommend you to have a sweet juice or chocolate or cake before taking the ultrasound. The sugar will make the baby move and the gender identification will be easier.

Relax yourself! Take into account that you might not find out your baby’s gender at the first baby scan appointment. So, again, relax! At the end of the appointment, whether you know or not the sex of your baby, you should be happy because you’ve just had the first encounter with your tiny beautiful child!

Gender scan is one of the first types of baby scans you can take at this point. It is also a memorable way to share a bonding experience with a new life growing inside you.