Houseplants that are safe for the baby

Nature. An ally of ours, most of the times. Especially if we live in urban areas and we need to recreate our own mini-gardens inside our apartments, houseplants are true oasis in all that cement.

However, when people expect a baby or she is already home, they have to be careful even at the plants they have around in gardens or apartments.

Cleaning Indoor Air

Some houseplants are perfect for cleaning the indoor air and soothing the baby’s lungs. The air in the house is fresher and more natural. Even so, make sure they are out of baby’s reach because babies tend to put in their mouth everything since they are exploring and learning new things.

There are a couple of houseplants that are suited for cleaning the indoor air.

Aloe Vera

It is known for removing the household toxin called formaldehyde.

Areca Palm

A general and most common purifier of indoor air, especially as it grows larger. Place it somewhere out of the baby’s reach, because the baby can reach and pull the heavy pot over herself.

Boston Fern

It not only purifies the air, but also keeps the air humid and the chances of having a sore throat are reduced.

English Ivy

Can be rather invasive, so it needs a large place, away from your baby’s exploring hands. It is useful for removing the chemical benzene from the air that is met in cigarette smoke, detergents and pesticides.

Danger Zone

If you are the type of person that wants a private jungle in the house, make sure the plants are out of your toddler’s reach, because most plants can give your baby an upset stomach and can be poisonous.

Garden trees or plants that have berries can be a choking hazard.

Chrysanthemum and Tulips can irritate the skin.

Autumn crocus, Deadly Nightshade, Yew and Monkshood are poisonous.

Snowdrops, Lilly of the Valley and Golden Chain can cause sickness.

Make sure all the plants are placed somewhere your baby cannot taste them or pull them. As babies explore they tend to eat and cling to everything.