How to handle the baby tantrum

One thing that can leave a bitter taste about parenthood is the baby tantrum show. From that cute child, your baby can turn in seconds in the most awful emergency alarm. It is stressful and worrisome for most parents, but the baby is making noises to tell you something.

The trick to all those cries and bad moods is to be as witty as a fox…Tactfully. Your baby is scared of the new power he discovers- yell and cry until he brings desperation, but he can scratch himself by flapping agitated his arms or pull heavy objects over him. Make sure he cannot injure himself during the tantrum. Many babies do not like to be embraced or hugged during their tantrums because they understand it as physical restriction.

Below, you have 4 effective tips on how to manage your baby’s tantrums

 1. Calm down

This encouragement is for you, not for your baby. Do not respond to cries and screams with screams. You have to be the calm oasis your baby can return to so try to be as calm as possible.

2.  No argument

Trying to be logical and explain to your child the situation is useless. The baby is having a crisis beyond reason; he will not understand anything of what you are saying. However, you can talk on a calm tone with your toddler and try to see what bothers him.

3. No reward

This goes both ways- Whether it is a reward or a punishment, you must not change the current situation for the baby. For example, if your child wants chocolate but he is not allowed to eat it and he starts to cry, do not give him the chocolate in order to make him stop. Alternatively, if you were planning to feed your child before the tantrum, feed him regardless of the crisis, after he calms down.

4. No shift in behaviour

One of the most horrid experiences when it comes to babies or toddlers tantrums is the public show. You are in the centre of the mall and your baby starts to make a tantrum. It is a common situation and people around will understand. We were all babies once. If the baby notices that his tantrums manipulate you, the crisis will become his spoiled weapon. Try to keep your calm and let the baby see that his tantrum does not affect you.

As a parent, you have to know your child. Learn to make the difference between a tantrum and a real pain or discomfort. Not all baby’s cries are used to manipulate you to give him a candy or a new toy.

Remember that the baby responds to your energy so if you are calm, the baby will calm down easier. Do not let him feel your frustration and anxiety.