Friendly outdoor for your baby

The thought of taking your baby for a walk in the park or for a picnic can be quite terrifying and worrying. We help you overcome your fears and introduce you to a number of outdoor activities for your baby that will stimulate his development.

1. “Alice in Wonderland”

This is how your baby is going to feel on his first day outside. Make sure it is a sunny, warm day and take your baby for a stroll in the nearby park. Bring a blanket and sit down with your baby. You can place on the blanket smooth rocks, wood sticks or flowers so the baby can touch them. In a hot summer day, you can also help your baby step on the grass with his empty feet.

2. In the league

You can pretend to play games that involve a ball with your baby: football, volleyball or just… throwing the ball. Have patience though, babies lose their interest quite fast.

3. “Autumn in New York”

In case you do not have the luck of a sunny summer day and everything is just colourful foliage, you can take your baby for a leaf-collecting session. Help your baby gather beautifully shaped leaves and put them in an album.

4. “Around the bubble in 80 days”

This one is mostly for you because you will be the one that is going to move more. Take out a bubble blower and blow them in your baby’s proximity, encouraging him to catch the bubbles. It is a silly, but fun game.

5. “Home, sweet home”

Bring outside some of your baby’s toys and play together on the blanket, helping him discover the world around him with something familiar.

When you go out with your child make sure you talk to him about the things around you. Even though he cannot talk and seems to ignore you, explain to him sounds, objects, nature and so on. He will be very excited about these new things. Scientists claim that outdoor activities help the baby sleep better.