Fashion up your baby room

Once you introduced the baby to his new room, you have to make sure the room will be a safe and pleasant environment in which your child will grow up. We give you some tips on how to make the room safe, as well as ideas on how to decorate your baby’s room.


The right temperature for a newborn room is between 16oC and 20oC. In warm, sunny days, close the curtains and open the window a bit. During hot weather, wipe your child gently with tepid water. Also, make sure the baby’s skin can breathe.

When it comes to cold weather, avoid electric blankets, radiators and heaters around your baby. Make sure he stays warm but without sweating during cold times. This way you avoid flu. It helps you keep the situation in control if you buy a room thermometer.


It is going to be rather difficult to buy the wardrobe to Narnia but you can still furnish your baby’s room in an efficient, fun way.

For babies of 3-4 months, you can buy Moses basket or a crib. They come in all forms and colours.

As your baby grows up you can buy a cot. That option is available from the beginnings as well, if you make sure the baby cannot roll out of it.

Fill the bed with safety mattresses or 100% cotton-sheets and blankets. Cotton keeps the baby dry and does not lead to overheating as quilts and coverlets. You can buy duvets for babies older than 12 months.

To be efficient in space and time, you can also buy a changing table that you can place in the bathroom or the baby’s room.

Storage is very important at this point. You will need many shelves to store the baby’s clothes, toys and feeding products so try space-saving furniture, usually made by Japanese producers.


While you improve your baby’s room, you can also have fun decorating it. The newest trend in terms of painting the interior walls is the so-called wall art.

With a simplified, nature drawing you can fill the wall of your baby room. Trees, quotes or cartoon characters can create a relaxing, fresh atmosphere in your baby room.

If wall art is too expensive or complicated, try one-colour paint but choose the nuances carefully. Some relaxing nuances are Stillwater 16-4610, Delicacy 11-2409, Sensible Hue SW6198, Aloof Gray SW6197, Shantung 11-2 or Chartreuse.