Everything about the HD live scan

We are proud to be one of the first clinics worldwide to work with the new technology of HD live scanners. Book an appointment for an HD Scan to get better quality images and video recordings of your baby in motion. Read below on how the technology works and how the images will look like.

Benefits of the HD Live Scan technology

The new HD Live 4D Scan technology allows rendering clearer images of your baby. Compared to other ultrasound images, the pictures and video you will see during an HD Live Scan are in high definition and have better colours. It’s very hard to tell how the baby looks like from 2D ultrasound images. With 3D/4D scans you get a much clearer image of how your baby actually looks like in 3D, but this technology does not offer yet the crisp clear, high quality images of the HD Live Scan. Moreover, you will get to see your baby on a large screen. The realistic look of HD scan images is unbeatable at this hour.

How HD scan pictures look like

HD Live Scan picture

HD live scan picture capturing detailed facial traits

HD live scan picture of twins in womb

HD Live Scan image of twin babies

HD live scanners show your baby in a pinkish hue. The images are very realistic due to the accuracy of colours and shadows rendered. Have a look at the image below from a HD live scan and compare it with 3D and 2D ultrasound images.

HD Live Scan image difference from 3D and 2D images

HD live scan image (left), 3D scan image (middle) and 2D gender scan image (right)

When to take an HD live scan

You can book your appointment anytime between 17 and 13 weeks, but we recommend waiting until after 22 weeks for better quality images. The ideal time for taking the HD live scan is around 27 weeks. By this time, your baby’s body will be proportionate, the skin will be opaque and complex facial traits will have developed. This means the images will look better and you will actually get to see how your soon-to-be born baby looks like, whose nose she inherited and how strong her grip is.

Getting your baby to move during the HD scan

You probably want your baby to move around and do some kicking during the HD scan, so it’s a good idea to stimulate the baby to move. In case your baby is sleeping, plan a walk for about 10 minutes right before your appointment. You can also stimulate your baby to move by eating chocolate or other sweets.