Dark Chocolate and Other Delicious Snacks for Expecting Mums

Enough with the spinach salads. There are tasty foods out there that are healthy during pregnancy and you should have it. Did you know dark chocolate and popcorn are actually healthy for you? Read on for the most mouth-watering snacks and desserts.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate helps relax your muscles, it’s a delicious source of serotonin, it will put you in a better mood and it can help prevent preeclampsia. Above all, it’s probably the tastiest healthy snack you’ll keep around.

Fruit parfait with cereal

Mix low-fat yoghurt, cereal and pumpkin puree or mango, top with maple syrup and cashews and you’ve got yourself a nice treat. Pumpkin is a good source of Vitamin E, Iron and Folate. Mango is a good alternative: it’s rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

Dried cranberries and cashews

Have you tried it? It’s one of the best trail mix recipes ever invented. Cranberries enhance the taste of cashew nuts and they work great with walnuts as well.


They’re sweet, they’re easy to store and carry along, great for trail mixes and at hand for whenever you feel like nibbling a snack. They’re also healthy. Raisins are a source of fibre, iron and potassium.


Whole grains are an important source of fibre and popcorn is one of them. It contains a lot of nutrients that are healthy for you. Try to eat it freshly popped and don’t put too much salt.

Home-made nachos

If you’re craving for salted chips, make your own nachos with salsa sauce and cheese. It’s a tasty snack and it’s much healthier than supermarket chips or restaurant nachos.

Roasted almonds

Almonds are more nutritious in raw form, but their delicious flavour really comes out when roasted. Eat them with raisins or cranberries or mix them in a banana smoothie. The combination of bananas and roasted almonds is a unique experience for the senses.

Baby carrots

They’re sweet and healthy, and they’ll satisfy your need to nibble on candy. Dip them in low-fat sour cream, it’s the healthy alternative for chips and dip.