Baby “parteh”. How to host a fun baby shower

The term “baby shower” started a lot of fuss on cultural grounds. Known first as an American tradition and later on as a reason for gifts, a lot of people especially from Europe regard this event with reluctance. In Victorian times, instead of the baby shower women got together in order to share knowledge about baby nursing and explore together the grounds of maternity. The easiest and most accessible approach to a “baby shower” is to set it up as a reason for celebrating and partying in the light of the wonderful news: whether is a pregnancy or the coming of the baby.

Here are some tips on how to throw a “baby shower” without getting caught in the cultural wars.

Ca ching! The sound of money

Before organizing the baby shower for your friend or family member settle the budget. Going for a less-expensive party will save the guilt of your friend and your bittersweet taste. You can book a table in a restaurant or coffee shop, plan a get-together evening at your house or throw a surprise-party.

The round table

Once you have decided upon the budget, consult with the people you want involved. Make sure you communicate efficiently with your event allies and avoid a disaster (especially in the case of surprise-parties). Brainstorm about the theme and location of the event.


You don’t want to leave a hole in the guests ‘pockets or yours, but the “baby” word needs to pop up at some point. An easy way to cover the theme without great expenses is to give in to your child spirit: buy funny balloons or sweets (teddy bear jellies, lollipops, coloured liquor etc.). Remember that the baby shower is not a party for babies but for adults that want to share the “having a baby” experience.


Decide the guest list. Though the number of guests should be in your mind from the first steps, now you have to name them. Make sure you don’t leave out important people like grandparents or relatives of the newborn’s family. You should decide on participants that are interested and would enjoy the event. Also, for a stress-free party, you can mention on the invitation that is a gift-free shower; that way people won’t turn down your invitation on financial issues.

Let the fun begin

A way of keeping people in touch with their inner child and… with the event is to play games. There are few typical baby shower games that you can count on for your party:

1. Baby Face (based on parents’ features, the participants need to guess how the baby will look like in the future);

2. Play-Doh Babies (guests have to make babies from modelling clay)

3. Baby mime (Mime is the best icebreaker game in all times, ask the guests to mimic baby or parent activities)

What is most important: at the end to be an amusing, relaxing experience for both hosts and guests. Avoid blocking your thoughts on the “baby” word and focus on planning a relaxing time for everyone.