The Baby Gifts Dilemma: “what to gift or not to gift, that is the question”

Is your dear friend or relative expecting a baby? Do you hyperventilate when you think about it? Cast away your fears and embrace the universe of baby gifts. It is not as terrifying and expensive as it seems.

Most people worry about the financial burden that such a gift can cause to them. We don’t need to prove to the baby how happy we are by ordering a mini, pink and marshmallow-dressed interior car. Instead, focus on products that can enhance the development of the baby.

Below, we have made a list with the cheapest and most efficient baby gifts.

BOOKS: We don’t expect a baby to read but a book can help the parents of the newborn to strengthen the relationship with their child. How? Simple; babies perceive the voice of their mother and are highly sensitive to vocal tones and nuances. If the parent reads a fairy tale to the baby, the little one will develop a rich imagination and fall asleep with a nice ring to his ears.

MUSIC: Related to the first option, music proved to be the most therapeutic instrument. A CD/DVD with children songs or symphony is a perfect gift for babies. Classical music is known for helping the brain develop, relax and train. Plus, it can be quite funny to see the baby trying some dance moves.

Pay attention, though. Inappropriate music can also send the wrong stimulus to the brain of the baby so avoid heavy metal and loud noises.

TOYS: Don’t we love them all? Buying a cute doll or stuffed animal can be the most suited gift for a baby. When it comes to toys for babies, we need to consider the fact that the baby will munch and chew on the toy so a right material would be non-toxic and unbreakable. Buy large, washable toys and check the safe tag!

FEEDING OBJECTS: Another cheap and safe idea for a baby gift is a feeding bottle. Choose a colour and a happy print to suit the occasion. Alongside with the bottle you can also buy a matching baby dummy, wrap them nicely and TA-DA! You have the gift.

PHOTO ALBUM: As cliché as it may sound, it is actually a fine idea for a baby gift. That album will be held by the child ten years later and he will be ashamed of the funny pictures his family took. A photo album is a treasure chest, filled with memories and good moments and you are the one that will offer it to the baby.

Good luck!