Babies and Pets

Both babies and pets are innocent, cheerful and cute creatures. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they get along so well. The joy of playing together can be easily seen on their faces.

But sometimes we hear that some pet owners give their pets up or put them up for adoption when expecting a baby, believing that pets can harm children. Fortunately, there is no danger to the baby if there’s a pet in the house. Studies show that babies who in their first year of life have lived in houses with a dog or a cat got sick less often than those who had no pets around.

Scientists believe that this happens because pets bring from the outside only small microbes that help the immune system form faster and better. It is well known the fact that it is unhealthy for children to live in a very sterile environment, with no dirt whatsoever, because the outside world, the one in which they will grow and live, is not the cleanest. So pets help your baby’s body adjust to the real world.

Pets are also very tolerant of children. You can find tons of pictures of babies sleeping or playing together with pets. Even though it is possible that pets may be little blue at first, after bringing the baby home, because they are no longer the centre of attention, if the pet owner manages to integrate the pet in the baby’s life, everything will go nicely, and the two may even become very good friends.

However, extremes are never good. This means that no matter how tolerant the pet is, you should never let it alone with the baby, unattended, especially when it comes to dogs which, for example, are less tolerant than cats. Therefore it’s a good idea to have a fence separating the house, so that everyone has its own play area; also, as much as possible, train the dog for the baby’s arrival before the baby is actually brought home by teaching him to be calm and obedient. A good idea for keeping a dog calm is to give it food regularly.

For cats, even if they are more tolerant, it is best to keep them as little or even not at all in the baby’s room and prevent them from reaching objects that must be sanitised at all times, because there are cases where more possessive or jealous cats urinate on these items.

Before the baby comes home, you can bring one of its objects so your pet can get accustomed to its smell. The two can live together very well, so remember that you don’t have to put your pet up for adoption when the baby arrives. Moreover, due to these types of relationships, high sensitivity and a lifetime friendship between the two can be born.