A Yoga Teachers Birth Story; Sonia shares her Journey into Motherhood!

My Daughter, Mika Angelina was born on 30/12/12 at 1.28pm within 34 minutes of me arriving where I was to give birth. One day before her due date, she certainly does not get that punctuality from me!


My Birth Experience was surreal and to date, the most magical experience of my life. I hope this sharing serves to inspire you to step into your “Goddess Feminine” energy and embrace your Pregnancy to Birth Journey.


I had no idea I was actually in the final stage of labor when I walked into the foetal assessment unit at hospital.


My waters had broken earlier that Sunday morning and I had experienced some very mild period-like cramps. They were not strong enough for me to even look for paracetamol, let alone take any. We called our Doula, , and she arrived to find two very happy and excited parents-to-be.


“You’re both smiling so much” She laughed, “its amazing” We were, I was, and deliberately too, because I knew that the more I smiled the more natural endorphins I would release.


I forced myself to keep smiling the whole way through and it worked. The endorphins flowed so well, I did not know I was in labour, the strongest pain killer there is, made by our own bodies.


The doula suggested I sit in an easy Yogi cross-legged pose, and try sleep. She propped some pillows under my arms and I was very comfy.

I slept sitting in a lotus position on my sofa, half asleep & half lost in the visualizations I had practiced in Hypno-Birthing.



At 12pm, with my first big-ish contraction, we decided to head across the park to the hospital. Very aware that as a first baby, there was a risk of being sent home if we were not 4cm dilated. As you know, 10 cm means “Baby is Coming”. From 4cm to 10cm is the period known as “The Up Stage” of labor. This is when most people ask for pain killers, epidurals etc.



Within minutes of arriving at the hospital, they assessed the baby was actually crowning (which means I could have had her in the car) and I was already 10cm dilated and “Baby was Coming”. I had gone through the entire “Up Stage” of labor without feeling anything worthy of a paracetamol.


The race was on to rush me up to labour ward. I recall my husband, asking them to hurry up and fill the pool (I had wished for a water birth).


I heard the nurses telling him that it would take 15minutes to run the pool and we did not have 15 minutes. Still, he insisted. So, I had the comforting sound of water as the backdrop to my Mika’s birth.


When we arrived in the Labor Room, the active birth unit, I headed straight for a large bean bag over in the right corner and very organically moved myself into a sort of Yoga Cat position, laying over the it.

We had no time to get to get my hospital bag, which would have made even Mary Poppins proud.


I had everything in it, lotions, potions, music etc none of which made the party!


The midwife assigned to us introduced herself from behind me, “I haven’t seen your face yet” she said, “I’m Lucy”


This introduction was then followed by 4 big contractions and with each one, I tried to deeply relax and let nature take over. I breathed, I did not push. If I could explain what I did in a word, it would be “Allowed”. I just allowed it to unfold, no thinking, no controlling, simply being part of this great mystery of feminine being.


My Doula, thankfully, was by my side. Reminding me softly, that my body and baby knew exactly how to birth beautifully.


Mika greeted the world head first, with face still clothed in amniotic membrane. Known as “Born with a Caul”. As the rest of her little body was about to birth, the midwife told me to reach around and catch her, I did.


There are simply no words to describe this moment, this little life sitting in my arms. Ecstatic Loving Energy filled the room, surrounding us all in the miracle of life.

The midwife put Mika on my belly and straight away she crawled up and latched on. It felt like a wild life programme that I was both witness too, and part of.

It was a birth from heaven. Totally drug-free, not even a paracetamol and thankfully no tears.


I wholeheartedly attribute my birth experience to my Yoga Practice and Hypno-Birthing. I practised yoga everyday until the day she was born, I taught until I was 37weeks. I was on my mat the next day and that is no exaggeration.


I did not adjust my practice according to the pre-natal recommendations with regards to increased Elastin. Though, of course, I adjusted my practice to accommodate my belly!


This whole journey has made me more grateful for my yoga practice. I now teach Pre&Post-Natal Yoga in London and Hope to Inspire more woman to embrace their beautiful journey with curiosity, courage and excitement.


Mika is 21 weeks old and we are well into the new chapter of this book, and loving it.


If you would like to find out more about Pre/Post Natal Yoga Classes in London, you can contact me via the Baby Scan Clinic.