7 Things to Discuss with Your Partner before Having a Baby

Have you had family planning talks with your partner yet? Make sure you agree on these basics of parenting before having a baby.

A financial plan for raising the baby

Create a financial plan to better understand how you and your partner will be able to face the expenses of raising a child. Account for medical expenses, housing (you might need more space), a suitable car, babysitting, education, emergency savings and life insurance.

Caretaking options

Who will be the main caretaker of your child? Discuss how you will share your responsibility of staying at home with the child and whether you’ll hire babysitters or opt for day-care. You will also have less time for household responsibilities, so it’s a good idea to start your new family with a clear agreement on sharing household chores and child care responsibilities.

Parenting styles

Discuss with your partner about the parenting styles you are inclined to apply in different scenarios. How will you or your partner react to your 4 year old misbehaving, to your school-aged child getting bad grades or to your teenager smoking marijuana? How much telly will your child be allowed to watch? How much candy? How many hours of playing computer games? How many hours on the phone? Do you incline towards an authoritative parenting style, authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting or uninvolved parenting in such scenarios? Talk to your partner about your opinions on corporal punishment, raising the voice, arguing for or against an action and methods of punishment and reward.

Ambitions and traditions

Perhaps one of you has clear goals and ambitions for your child or would like your child to practice certain cultural traditions or adhere to a religion. These are important issues that need to be clearly communicated from the very start.

Cooking and diet

Talk about the kind of diet you would like your child to have. Take-out is not a daily option for most families, so you might need to discuss about sharing your responsibility to cook healthy food for your child.

Life insurance and child guardian

You need to agree on a plan to ensure your child will be cared for, should something happen to you or your partner. Explore life insurance options and decide on who would be the most suitable person to be the legal guardian of your child.

How many children

Are you both on the same page when it comes to the number of children you want to have? Discuss your views and think about an ideal timeline for distancing their births.