7 Signs Your Pregnancy is Going Well

Pregnancy symptoms can be hard to interpret sometimes, but don’t stress over anything that doesn’t seem too serious. Here are seven reassuring signs that everything is going well with your pregnancy.

1. Frequent urination

Although uncomfortable, frequent urination is perfectly normal during pregnancy. In the first trimester, this is caused by the increase of blood flow to your kidneys. Later, when your baby starts growing, the pressure of your uterus on the bladder is the main cause for your need to pee often. Take it as a sign that your pregnancy progress is normal and try to stay away from caffeine – it makes you pee even more often.

2. Your body temperature has risen

With elevated progesterone levels come elevated temperatures. A slight rise in your body temperature is a sign that your hormones are doing their work just fine.

3. Your breasts are changing

Your breasts should enlarge due to pregnancy hormones and the areola should darken in the first trimester of your pregnancy. This is a sign that the estrogen has increased in levels and is doing a proper job.

4. You cope well with stress

Being pregnant can bring about plenty of circumstances that can be stressful for you. Try not to fret over issues that are out of your control. Those are the most stressful ones. Then create a strategy for dealing with problems that can be solved by you. Make time for yourself to relax and disconnect from your day-to-day thoughts. Your partner can help a great deal with your coping strategy, so talk it through and think of methods that both of you can apply to lead a stress-free life.

5. You feel comfortable exercising

Exercising is recommended during pregnancy and can lift your spirits and give you more energy. If you feel tired – which is a common symptom of pregnancy – try to stick to a light exercise routine. An established routine will make it easier to motivate yourself to stay active. If you feel comfortable and energetic during your exercises, that’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

6. You’re on track with your antenatal appointments

Pregnancy scans and tests help prevent pregnancy risks if taken on time. At your first antenatal appointment, plan a schedule of the important tests, ultrasounds and routine checks you need to do throughout your pregnancy. Keeping up with an appointment plan will help you stay safe and give you peace of mind.

7. You feel activity from your baby

Half-way through your pregnancy, you should already start to feel kicking and other movements from your baby. This is a good sign. Try to keep monitoring the activity you feel in your belly. In case you notice fewer movements for a full day, call your doctor immediately.