5 Ways to Communicate with Your Baby in Womb

As you approach late pregnancy, you might feel the desire to communicate and bond with your baby, by telling stories or playing music to your womb. The feeling of bonding with the baby in womb can be very rewarding and it will help you be more peaceful and joyful.

1. Talk to your baby

After about 23 weeks, your baby is able to hear sounds from outside the womb, which means she’ll already start to learn your voice. Studies have indicated that hearing is developed so early because it helps babies familiarize with the mother’s voice and form an attachment early on. New-born babies also pay more attention to the mother’s voice than to other voices.

It might feel unusual at first to talk to your bump, but once you’ll get used to it and become more aware of the fact that your baby can hear you, it will be rewarding. The long chats with your bumps are one of the best experiences in the third trimester of pregnancy.

2. Play music to your baby

Play an album with relaxing music when you take a break or when you are reading, exercising or just pampering yourself with a nice bath. Meditation music can have a very calming effect for both you and your baby. Listen to this playlist to see what we mean: Meditation – The Sounds of Your Pregnancy. This album was created for Baby Clinic of Harley Street and contains 9 tracks of relaxing sounds for a soothing afternoon spent with your bump.

3. Sing to your baby

What can be more bonding than singing a lullaby to your baby in womb? Try one song every evening when you are in your third trimester. Your baby will familiarize with your voice and enjoy the sounds of the lullaby. It’s a great way to bond with your bump. Try singing the same lullabies and playing the same music to your baby after birth. You might notice that your baby pays special attention to those songs than to other sounds.

4. Gently massage your bump

Starting with the second trimester, it’s perfectly safe to massage your belly with oils or lotions. Make sure you use gentle movements, without pressing on your bump.

5. Respond to your baby’s kicks with gentle strokes

Although there is no evidence that stroking your bump every time you feel a kick will have any benefit, your baby can feel when you touch and stroke your tummy. For most pregnant mothers, responding to kicks feels very much like bonding and the first experience of a two-way communication is amazing.