24 Weeks Pregnant

You are now the mother of a cantaloupe-size baby. This week, your baby reached about  1, 1/3 pounds and 8 inches long. He will fatten up slowly. His baby face is fully developed.

How the baby is developing at 24 weeks

Interestingly enough, the brain of your baby is almost as mature as a newborn. This means that his memory is active. Also, the auditory system developed even more allowing your baby to recognize the songs played often, to hear the voice of his parents and loud noises.

The baby’s skin is still translucent but as your baby will fatten up, the skin will become opaque. The pigment has not yet developed so it is difficult to tell if your baby will be blonde, brunette or ginger. However, the face of your baby is almost fully formed having eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.

Furthermore, the respiratory system of your baby starts to develop branches that discharge a substance that will help him breathe once he faces the outside world.

Your lifestyle and pregnancy symptoms at 24 weeks

Your belly is now the size of a football oval and rose 2 inches above your belly button. Your skin stretches more over the abdomen and chest, causing it to become dry and itchy. You can also experience dry eyes or blurred vision, which is common in pregnant women. Still, mentioning them to your doctor is of most importance.

You will have to deal with swollen ankles and feet so make sure you lift your legs up on a pillow. The back pains will not give you a break and leg cramps may appear in case of dehydration.

Keeping yourself hydrated is even more important during pregnancy.

Scan appointments at 24 weeks

If you have managed to control your desire of finding the baby’s gender, so far, but you are starting to give up, you have the chance to get a gender scan at 24 weeks.

Moreover, you can check your baby’s health and growing rate with a growth scan.

You can also get a 3D scan in order to get an image of your baby’s development.