22 Weeks pregnant

You are in the middle of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, between five and six months and you carry now a living spaghetti squash. That is the size of your baby. Your belly starts to shape up and announce the glorious development of your baby. With a growth scan, you can look at your miniature human.

How the baby is developing at 22 weeks

At 22 weeks, your baby is about 11 inches long and its brain starts to grow at a rapid rate. In its 5th month of existence, the organ system starts to define its functionalities. Also, the fingernails are fully grown and the shape of its lips is clearly visible. Even more, its first teeth are developing under the gums, deep wrinkles and lanugo hair cover her baby skin.

Your baby has now a sleeping schedule and your movements can wake her up. Her tongue develops tasting buds and the weekly weight has increased with around 60-70 grams. From now on, your baby perceives your voice and loud noises.

Your lifestyle and pregnancy symptoms at the 22nd week

Even though your pregnancy is becoming more and more visible, at 22 weeks you can still bend and sit comfortably. You might develop stretch marks, which appear because your belly expands to make room for the baby to grow. Not only this, but your body starts to change. Each woman changes at her own rate so do not panic. Your skin texture tends to look better, remember the popular saying: “pregnancy makes a woman more beautiful”. Well, it is true. During pregnancy, your body loses less hair than normal and you might find some uninvited hair on your jaw, chin or above the upper lip. Do not worry, waxing and shaving are perfectly safe.

Now you have to take care of yourself better than ever because pregnant women are sensitive to anaemia and you have to make sure you drink a proper amount of water.

Scan appointments at 22 weeks

Taking a growth scan will help you and your doctor to keep an eye on the development of your baby. You will have all measurements recorded and checked. In addition, getting some glossy images of your baby at 22 weeks will make you feel better and more relaxed seeing the small, cute figure.