11 things about pregnancy Dads should know

  1. There will be a lot of shifts in her body, especially the hormones so don`t worry about the moves and shifts of mood.
  2.  Don`t miss any appointments and this includes anything from Doctor Appointments to Lamaze. You might think it is stupid but just get over it and go!
  3. Remember she is eating for two! Have food available at all times and be prepared to provide the thing she is craving as fast as possible.
  4. Read and educate yourself on birth and pregnancy, there is a lot of information out there that will make things so much more clear.
  5. Don`t forget to romance your wife, especially now. Flowers, compliments, love notes, whatever works for her. There will be a lot of strange new feeling for her so she needs your attention.
  6. She might experience an increased sex drive their 2nd trimester. Don`t worry about hurting the baby (unless the Doctor says otherwise) and just enjoy yourselves.
  7. You will have to start doing a lot more than before around the house since pregnancy will exhaust her.
  8. By the beginning of the second Trimester you should let you employer know what`s happening to ease things to come. Also you should check your options for a Paternity Leave.
  9. Ask her how she`s doing and listen to the answers she gives you, communication is key in any relationship but it is even more important now.
  10. Have a hospital bag prepared even for yourself for when the time comes.
  11. Keep the car gas tank full at all times and be sure to know the shortest route to the hospital. You might want to also buy new tires.