10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Pregnant Partner

Most pregnant women have had the experience of an insensitive comment at least once. Learn how to avoid the most common ones.

1. “Who is the father?”

This is by far the most dangerous question you could ask a pregnant woman. If you have reasonable doubt that you are the father, talk to her about that, express your concerns and reasons for doubt and be understanding. It will nonetheless be a difficult conversation, so think it through beforehand.

2. “How hard can it be?”

Have you ever had a baby? The experience of being pregnant brings pain, discomfort, stress and a great deal of anxiety and bad moods. It’s extremely important to show empathy and support, so try to be more understanding and less condescending.

3. “Are you crying again?”

Pregnancy is an emotional time, so don’t be surprised if your partner will start crying over small issues. Be supportive and offer her hugs and tissues.

4. “You’ve gotten big”

Don’t make any comments about her weight gain, ever. For most pregnant women, this is a very sensitive subject and should be handled cautiously.

5. “Are you going to wear that tent for dinner?”

Pretty maternity clothes are much harder to find than regular clothes, especially when she’s on a budget. You should make her feel beautiful and comfortable. Don’t create insecurities by commenting on her maternity wear.

6. “You’re too emotional”

And that is normal during pregnancy, so don’t make her feel bad about it.

7. “I know how you feel”

Unless you’ve actually been pregnant before, you don’t know. You might laugh together about a remark like this or she might get upset. It’s good to ask her how she feels and to be understanding, but remember that you’re not really sharing the same load.

8. “You can’t eat that”

Never tell your pregnant partner what she may not eat. That’s her decision. Don’t question the cravings she has and try to help her have a balanced diet without imposing anything.

9. “Let’s have a drink”

Suggesting alcohol or coffee is irresponsible and might be upsetting to her.

10. “I don’t feel like rubbing your back right now”

Back aches are a common symptom during pregnancy. Giving her back rubs every evening is your responsibility as a partner and one of the most soothing things you can do to make her pregnancy easier.