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Our scan services
early pregnancy scan NT baby Scan london Gender baby Scan London Growth baby Scan London Anomaly baby Scan London 3D/4D Scan London Premium 4D package London
7 - 11 weeks

• Confirmed Pregnancy
• Calculates your EDD
• Checks for single or twin pregnancy
• 2 printed glossy images on the day
• Report for you to take away
• Mystery Gift when returning for 4D/HD Live scan

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Nuchal Translucency baby scan
11 - 13 weeks

• Contains 2 images
• Identifies pregnancy risks
• Report included

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Gender baby scan
14+ weeks

• See your baby in 4D on a large screen
• Checks your baby
• 2 printed glossy images on the day
• Preview of 4D scan
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Growth Scan
14 - 32 weeks

• Checks your baby
• All measurements recorded and checked
• Measurement report for you to take away
• 2 printed glossy images on the day
• Discount voucher for 4D scan
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Anomaly Scan
20 - 24 weeks

• Detailed analysis of anatomical structures.
• Checks specific risks at this stage of pregnancy.
• Placental position identified if possible.
• All findings and notes on a report for you to take away.
• 2 printed glossy images on the day.
• Discount voucher for 4D scan.
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3D Scan (non-diagnostic)
24 - 32 weeks

• One printed image
• 30 minute appointment

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• 3 Printed Images
• DVD Recording
• Gender Determination(optional)
• Baby health check

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News From Our Blog
30 Jan 2015
Babies cry. It is a fact and it will not change no matter how many centuries pass. Some people say that crying is a natural phenomenon. Since babies are unique and have different personalities, some can cry more than others cry or sleep less than others sleep. In addition, each baby responds differe...
Baby Scan Clinic on Harley Street, London

Our private baby scan clinic on the world renowned Harley Street offers future parents the chance to get a glimpse of their baby before it is born. We offer a variety of baby scans including: early pregnancy scan, gender scan, 3D baby scan, 4D baby scan.

Our most popular scan is the 4D . premium scan, this is similar to a 3D baby scan except that it is moving image not a static picture like a 3D scan. This premium scan shows a live image of the baby in three dimensions, along with real time movement on an large TV for your eyes only. Seeing a 4D baby scan is a magical experience that most parents want to take advantage of after their initial pregnancy scans on the NHS.

Our private baby scan clinic is located on Harley Street, Central London and is easy to access from Regents Park tube station just a 5 minutes walk away, and parking around Regents Park itself.

We are proud to support Great Ormond Street Hospital Children Charity.
Every year the charity needs to raise over £50 million to fund the redevelopment of the hospital, to buy vital equipment, to support pioneering research projects and to provide accommodation and other welfare programmes for patients and their families. To find out more or to make a donation, please visit
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